What the Heck Is This Site?*

It’s the place to find hit-the-ground-running strategies for living more fully despite chronic pain. Battling chronic pain by yourself is a lonely, discouraging journey. But here, we can pool our insights and experiences into a shared quest.

Here’s what we deliver:

• You’ll hear frank, in-depth conversations (available as podcasts) with former pain sufferers who describe how they conquered their chronic pain—and with current pain sufferers who explain how they’re living rich, productive lives despite their pain. 

• You’ll hear about new pain-fighting innovations, some of them so trailblazing that they haven’t even filtered down to many rank-and-file doctors.

• We emphasize scientifically-based approaches, because we’re tired of trivial health-related news stories based on flimsy or nonexistent research.

• You’ll have the opportunity to swap insights with people who empathize with what you’re going through, because they’ve gone through it themselves.

• We offer hope and insights from actual success stories, not pie-in-the-sky urban legends or woo-woo treatments.

Bottomline: If you’re in chronic pain, you’re no longer in this fight alone.

Just download or stream our episodes, pop in your earbuds and—bam!—you’re part of the Painopolis tribe.

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Prepare to be riveted.

Painopolis. Relentlessly in search of what works, one defiant story at a time.


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