We have a simple but unflinching goal: to crush chronic pain rather than be crushed by it.

And if you or anybody you know has chronic pain, here’s why you’ve come to the right place:

You’re no longer on this journey alone.

Welcome to Painopolis, the podcast filled with pragmatic strategies, edge-of-your-seat interviews and life-changing insights for people with chronic pain. Painopolis is staffed by journalists with decades of experience on national publications. But Painopolis isn’t just business as usual for us. Our founding editor, award-winning journalist David Sharp, has battled chronic pain for more than a decade. So like you, we take chronic pain very personally. And by becoming a Painopolis listener, here’s what you can expect:


Learn from Your Tribe

At Painopolis, chronic pain is our full-time beat. Our journalists seek out people who’ve been where you are (or worse) and who’ve figured out ways of vanquishing their pain outright or living with it successfully. In minutes, get the knowledge these pain mentors gained through years of trial and error.


Hear from Top Experts

In search of pain-fighting innovations that haven’t yet filtered down to the grassroots, we track down the best and brightest experts worldwide. You’ll get to listen to our conversations with these mavens in a variety of fields as we pick their brains for insights you should know about, too.


We Go Where You Go!

Each Painopolis episode is an easy-to-download podcast. Load our shows onto your iPod or cellphone, pop on your headphones, and listen to real-world insights from a stellar array of chronic-pain fighters. Take us to work. To the store. Or to yet another doctor’s waiting room (like we said, we’ve been there).

Be part of the pain-fighting conversation!

Get ready to hear in-depth interviews with some of the most formidable pain fighters on the planet. In fact, you can download many of our episodes for free.

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